The Smiling Savage is where I write about my projects ranging from laser-crafted art to retro-computing projects, music, games, photography, creative writing, and more.

I believe there's beauty in the grain of art, whether photography or wood. I specialize in creating personalized wood gifts, games, and art that have a unique playful warmth. All works for sale are “crafted with frickin' laser beams" in Arlington, VA.

Here’s what the Smiling Savage aims to provide:

  • Skill development - I aim to show how projects start and evolve, share recommendations, and improve at skills by practicing them.

  • Inspiration - I aim to show the creation of new things and look at old things in new ways, and hope both the journey and outcomes provide something fresh.

  • Fun - I aim to show and share the joy of making.

  • Fandom - I hope supporters of this journal will join me to “nerd out” on the things that we’re passionate about.

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Art crafted with frickin' laser beams! Plus, projects in retro computing, photography, music, games, writing, and more.


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